About us

There are encounters in life that change our destiny.
So it was when the French woman with light curls and a smiling face met a man in Cordoba who was leading some two hundred transhumance cows from his horse. Tall, slim, and between his dark beard and leather hat, his bright green eyes invited her to join him in the adventure of this herdsman and shepherd, treading ancient cattle tracks to the sound of cowbells to reach the Sierra Nevada.

On their way along the path, with the cows and nature as their witness, they got married.

If I tell you our story, it is because I want to share with you our project to value and protect one of the best examples of biodiversity that constitutes the Sierra Nevada, betting on the harmony between man, animals and Nature. 

Antonio Yebra Cabrera


Alpujarreño from the Mountain, cowboy since his childhood, goat and sheep herder, mountain guide, and equestrian guide. 

His way of working with animals is exceptional, rooted in an ancient culture that has been passed down from generation to generation, and his knowledge of the land and the terrain mixed with a particular gift for animals deserves to be shared as something that is on the verge of extinction.
He has worked for 5 years in a riding centre as an instructor and horse trainer. He carried out a transhumance with about 200 cows from Granada to Cordoba, which has made him one of the last transhumants and a true cowboy. He produces organic meat from his cows that live free all year round on 7,000 hectares in the Sierra Nevada, he takes his herd of sheep and goats every summer to the mountains, and despite being a rustic man from the Alpujarra, he has his heart in his hand, ready to share it with the whole world. 

Clara Gatón


Growing up in a large family of Spanish and German origin in a rural area of France surrounded by horses and forests, Clara is a cheerful and positive woman eager to learn and share.
After studying philosophy and literature in Paris, she returned to her childhood passion as a professional riding instructor and horse trainer.
For 10 years she managed a riding centre in Italy and worked as an instructor in a Western riding centre in France.
Her taste for adventure has led her to make a 4 month horse riding trip across the Alps from Italy to France, and later she joined Antonio's transhumance, so she has been living and discovering an exciting world in the highlands of the Alpujarra for the last 10 years.
Her speciality is to develop harmonious communication with horses, balance and pleasure in riding. Mother of three children who have taught her a lot about positive communication, conflict management and emotional intelligence, she is now also a social educator for young people.

She speaks 5 languages; French, Spanish, German, Italian and English, but her favourite is the international language of the horse.


Certified qualifications: 

A graduate in philosophy and literature, Clara qualified at 20 years old as a riding instructor in Italy, and then in France where she passed at "Le Cadre noir de Saumur" the higher degree of the BPJEPS professional diploma in Equestrian Tourism option. In France she worked in several route-oriented riding centres, and became passionate about horse training techniques deriving from the teachings of horse ethology, such as those promoted by Pat Parelli, Andy Both, Monty Robert and many others.
She later discovered Western riding in France, with its philosophy of pleasure in riding, communication and cooperation with the horse, to which she fully adheres. She perfected her skills in this discipline with the famous Canadian trainer Lyne Laforme.   
In anticipation of opening her own riding centre, she obtained in France the title of Professional Diploma in Management of Livestock Farming (BPREA).
In Spain she trained as a social educator, passing several courses in social integration and as a specialised educator and finally a Master's degree in social education.