Horse and mule rides, cowboy work and nature riding lessons

Equi'libre offers you riding experiences in the middle of protected nature, adventure on mountain trails and cowboy work with cows living in the wild, harmony for the senses, seeking balance between people, animals and nature.


Horse and mule riding routes in the middle of the beautiful nature of Sierra Nevada 

We offer several different equestrian routes: 

  • Riding horses or mules in the preserved nature and beauty of the Natural Park. We offer trips from half a day to several days. You can climb up to the top of Mulhacén mountain, (about 3400m), make journeys in the snow around the Puerto de la Ragua in winter, walk along the 'path of the thousand-year-old chestnut tree', etc. 

  • Hiking, accompanied by mules pulling a cart. It allows you to enjoy the landscape and nature in a unique way, with the possibility of 4 or 6 people climbing on the cart, or alternating walking and letting yourself be carried. Ideal for groups of different hiking abilities, such as families. 


  • Excursions on horseback or by mule to discover the work of a cowboy, see the cows that live free on 7000 hectares and feel like a real cowboy. 

All the routes offer breathtaking panoramic views, with a high environmental interest due to the singularities of flora, fauna and geomorphology that we will observe, and you are accompanied by a riding instructor qualified in Equestrian Tourism, and also a real cowboy! 

More about trekking with mules:

Hiking with mules offers multiple advantages. We can enjoy the path and the scenery to the sound of the mules pulling the cart, we can put backpacks we don't want to carry up a hill on foot on the cart, as well as a generous picnic and perhaps the camping equipment if we are going to spend the night in the countryside. When we are tired or if we are accompanied by children or older people who can't walk so far, we can all enjoy the same route together, each according to our own desires and needs. The swaying rhythm of the mule-drawn cart is like no other sensation and gives joy and well-being to everyone who sits in it.

The mules themselves enjoy these excursions, as they can show how brave and strong they are, working as a team to share the load, these animals pull the cart happily and with a lot of heart. 
Our cart has 4 to 6 seats depending on the size of the passengers and is a good option to go hiking and enjoy nature from a different perspective.

Working as a cowboy on horseback with our cows that live all over the Sierra Nevada



Live a childhood dream and discover the fascinating work of the cowboy. Accompany the real cowboy of the Sierra Nevada, taking care of his cows in the vastness of the mountains, filling you with fresh air, bright sunshine and unforgettable emotions. 

Being a cowboy means observing, controlling or moving the cattle, separating calves from their mothers, treating them and much more. A real adventure that brings adrenaline and peace at the same time. 

Quality lessons with a qualified instructor


Lessons are given with well-trained horses and with a maximum of 3 students per lesson.  

The lessons are almost one to one in order to make sure the horses' training remains effective, as they are always responsive and can transmit and teach the riders the equestrian art. 

Here the rider learns the basics of balance on the horse, safety and autonomy with his mount. These classes prepare the riders for the routes and cowboy work. At the same time, they develop the art of communication with their horse, which brings pleasure and balance, both physically and emotionally. 


  • Complicity with the horse 
  • respectful relationship 
  • human-horse communication (natural horsemanship)
  • by working with the horses you work on yourself to find a better balance. 

Explore the richness of nature and discover the emotional richness that lies within you. 
The horse is a mirror and teaches us who we really are and what we can do to improve (self-esteem, overcome fears, balance, etc.). 
Working with horses teaches us the need to communicate (always better without force but cooperating), patience, perseverance and leadership. 
All of this helps us as human beings to live with others and to overcome work or family tensions... 

Horses and contact with nature are pure wellness therapy!