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Using mules for transportation is a long time tradition in the Alpujarra. Among valleys and summits the "arrieros" used to transport goods and people on animal tracks, drovers' routes, allowing local communications and trade between the villages.

For generations my family bred mules (hybrid  horse-donkey) and trained them for country tasks.

Mules are perfect for mountain trekking due to their sturdiness and familiarity with the steep environment.

You can ride a mule without previous riding experience, and we will adjudicate the right animal to each participant, from child to elderly.



The horse is the partner of the cow-boy. Jerezano, my own horse, and I have shared many challenges with the cattle and on the treks.

We also have a herd of hoses roaming free within the slopes of Sierra Nevada, from which I will select the most adapted animals for the treks and/or cattle control.

We can organize treks on horses or mules according to anyone's experience and visit the local villages, trek to the millennial chestnut tree or herding cows in the Sierra.



The herd of over a 100 cows is roaming free within 9.000 hectares of Sierra Nevada National Park climbing up to 3.000 m of altitude. Shepherding cattle in extensive grazing is my job as a cow-boy and for this my horses are essential. In this sense I am an authentic  indigenous "cow-boy" and one of the few left around.

The cows breed are: Pajunas, an indigenous breed in extinction,Barrenda either black or red.

The "Vaquera" trek is for those with riding experience who wish to feel like a "cow-boy" in the wild and experience the reality of a quasi extinct way-of-life.


and goats

Flocks of goats and sheep graze the pastures of the Alpujarras for times imemorable helping to protect against fires and nourrish the grounds.


In summer we move to summer pastures at about 2.100 m of altitude in a "aprisco" . During months they will graze along the summits of Sierra Nevada with a shepherd and his dogs, that are his "feet and hands".

It is possible to share one of these days with the shepherd for a first hand experience of the reality and balance of country life. We will enjoy a typical Alpujarreño picnic and snack with stunning scenery.

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