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"Set course for adventure! We're off from Picena on a 4 to 5-hour trek through the stunning Alpujarras. Picture this: charming villages, steep flower-lined streets, and crystal-clear mountain waters. Imagine sipping on local Andalucian tapas in a cozy village bar or picnicking in the majestic Sierra, depending on where our mules take us. This journey's not just about the sights; it's about unforgettable tastes and experiences that'll stay with you in your dreams and memories. So, let's go make some memories, shall we?"


Alpujarra Trek

Price: 90 € excl. Tax.

Montaña Trek


"Brace yourselves for a winter wonder that transforms into an 8-hour expedition across the spellbinding landscapes on mule and horseback. Picture traversing through canyons and streams or setting off on a quest to the ancient chestnut tree near Laroles. When summer unfolds, we're treated to a day amidst the Sierra's refreshing and pristine mountains. A pause in our adventure allows us to indulge in homemade Alpujarreño delights crafted from local ingredients, enjoyed by a babbling stream or another picturesque spot.

This journey fosters a special camaraderie between our animal companions and us, ensuring we return with hearts full and spirits uplifted. Let’s embark on this memorable voyage together!"

Price: 140 € excl. Tax.

Sierra Nevada Trek


This is a three day trek, where we will climb up to Sierra Nevada from Picena at an altitude of around 600 metres to a bothy at around 1.600 metres of altitude. In summer we will start from the mountain, depending on the location of the animals.

Scenery is ever changing during our ascension to the Sierra and the horizon expands to let us discover the Mediterranean up to the Atlas mountains of Africa.

We will be escorted by the dogs and a pack mule that will carry our equipment as was traditional done in these parts.

The first night will be spent in a welcoming traditional "cortijito-refuge".

Next day we will climb to the summit, witnessing wild goats, cows and other Sierra inhabitants.

The second night will be spent in a Buddhist Retreat Centre located at around 2.000 metres high, where we will be able to shower and have rest in comfortable beds, and if so inclined use the yoga and meditation hall.

The last day will be the return through a different path with a tasteful lunch break either on the trek or in a local bar before reaching the starting point.

We will make new travel- buddies and remember this trek for a long time.

Price: 810 € excl. Tax.

Vaquera Trek

Five days working with the cows assisting the owner/"cow-boy".

The first day will be spent on horses and mules in order to get used to them. We will spend the night at "Villa El Largo" having enjoyed a good supper.

On the second day we will climb into the Sierra, passing the milenario chestnut tree and reach a traditional "cortijo-refugio"

at about 1.600 metres where we will spend the night.

The next days will be open adventure as it will depend on where the cows are grazing, keeping in mind they have around 9000 hectares of pasture to feed from. With the help of horses, mules and dogs we will move them towards a high mountain corral set in the woods. The next 2 nights will be spent in a Buddhist Retreat Centre situated at around 2.000 metres high where we will enjoy home made traditional food bread and sweets. We will also sleep in comfortable beds and use the yoga/ meditation hall if we so wish. Nights at this altitude allow us to gaze the stars and admire the Milky Way in all it's splendour.

On the fifth day we will regress to the village and the start of the journey, Villa El Largo, where we will enjoy a small party with guitar player(s), wine and good food to celebrate the good work done and share about our trek experience.

This is a real life experience where the connection to the animals is primordial in order to do the important tasks of a good cow herder.

Price: 1.300 € excl. Tax.

Pastor Trek


In winter we will accompany the shepherd with his flock of sheep and goats.

It is a 4 to 5 five hours journey with the animals where we will follow the shepherd herding his animal through various paths and canyons in order to find grazing.

In summer the animals are in the mountains and graze up to the summits before returning to the "aprisco", their mountain refuge, where they are kept for protection overnight.

The dogs know their work and help the shepherd who guides them by whistle and voice orders.

We will stop to eat a plentiful home made pick-nick consisting of local products or in the aprisco where we can prepare a good paella or "migas".

It is a walking trek, but we can use the help of the small mule "Matutina" to carry the equipment and food, as done traditionally.

Price: 40 € excl. Tax.
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